Pipeline safety is our number one priority. During more than 65 years of operations, we’ve developed a mature suite of programs that maximize pipeline safety. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen by incorporating responsible business practices and conducting our operations in an ethical manner. We always strive to improve pipeline and facility integrity to protect the safety of the public, the environment and our employees.


  • 促进管道系统的长期完整性
  • Conducting business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Complying with applicable regulations and standards
  • 通过监测绩效措施和年度风险评估来展示持续改进


我们的管道保护计划包括专注于教育地主,承包商和挖掘机,紧急救援人员,选举的政府官员和政府雇员意识的做法。该计划教育这些小组有关当地一个呼叫中心和“在挖掘之前的呼叫”程序公元前and艾伯塔省. These initiatives are targeted at preventing damage to underground infrastructure occurring from contractors or local residents digging without knowing what lies below.