betway体育下载自1956年自1956年以来,Trans Mountain在Westridge Marine Termination的石油上装载了海洋船只,没有溢出的油轮运营。


作为我们申请的一部分Canada Energy Regulator,我们提出了额外的风险控制和增强功能,将建立在58必威苹果。Once implemented, they are expected to raise the level of care and safety in the study area to well above globally-accepted shipping standards.


The VFPA regularly undertakes evaluations of overall port traffic to ensure the safety and efficiency of navigation within its jurisdictional waters. Trans Mountain has identified additional precautionary risk control measures that will further mitigate risk due to increased tanker traffic. These measures, some of which are already implemented and do not depend on the Project, include:

  • Tug escort of outbound laden tankers will be expanded to cover the entire tanker shipping route through the Strait of Georgia and between Race Rocks and the Juliet Buoy at the western entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait
  • 将延长飞行员将延伸到比赛岩石,而不是维多利亚(飞行员已被直升机培训)
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness techniques will be applied that will require:
    • Laden油轮的飞行员和主人的安全呼叫
    • Pacific Pilotage管理局发出的行业通知
    • 沿航线的护送拖船的战术使用
  • Boating safety engagement and awareness programs by the Pacific Pilotage Authority and Transport Canada



响应增强基于风险评估,产品测试,溢油建模和参与的结果,并为Juan de Fuca的Salish海和海峡创造了增加的响应区。加拿大西部海洋响应公司(WCMRC)将实施增强功能,并将加倍WCMRC现有的响应能力,同时切割现有规划标准的交货时间的一半。

  • More than $150 million investment in WCMRC
  • Creation of more than 100 new jobs
  • Establishingeight new response bases并在BC南部航运巷的战略地点添加新船只。两个基础呼吁全天候运营,包括新的温哥华港口基地
  • 新的基础和响应资源将确保:
    • 居住在盐水中的反应能力将是20,000吨 - 两倍于加拿大运输的第4层容量,如果需要,可以级联容量级联
    • Initial response within
      • two-hour response to spill notification in the Port of Vancouver
      • 在温哥华港和西入口到Juan de Fuca海峡之间的任何位置,六小时回应港口外的港口。

These marine safety enhancements, along with new information about risk and mitigation of oil behaviour, will benefit Trans Mountain, and all marine waterway users.

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