We are committed to working with Indigenous People where we operate. Our goal is to build and sustain effective relationships based on mutual respect, to share mutual benefits and to work cooperatively and transparently. As a result of our Indigenous Engagement Program, we have received support from many Indigenous People along the Project corridor including Letters of Support from many Indigenous communities located close to the right-of-way and potentially impacted by the Project.

Since 2012, we have sought to meaningfully engage with Indigenous People and their communities through more than 73,000 points of contact. We will continue to engage with communities in Alberta and British Columbia throughout each phase of construction and during operations.

在艾伯塔省,现有的管道系统跨越传统的条约6,条约8和艾伯塔梅特国家(4区)的传统领土。在不列颠哥伦比亚省,该系统跨越了众多传统领土和15个第一民族储备。关于扩建项目,Trans Mountai必威体育精装版app下载n只会通过第一betway体育下载个国家同意交叉储备土地。这些土着社区是我们的邻国,我们尊重其在土地上的独特利益,他们的价值观及其文化。

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project presents a special opportunity to enhance existing relationships with Indigenous People and their communities along our pipeline system corridor, while also opening the door to new relationships along the marine transportation corridor. The dialogue to date has been invaluable to our Project planning and to developing understanding between communities and our industry. We look forward to building and nurturing these relationships.

Indigenous Engagement


betway体育下载Trans Mountain的土着订婚计划旨在创建一个寻求的开放,透明和包容性的过程:

  • 以尊重的方式交换信息;
  • address concerns shared by those who might have an interest in the Project or have Indigenous interests potentially affected by the Project;
  • 将反馈纳入项目规划和执行;和
  • 提供项目福利。

我们的自主参与计划是guided by the土着关系政策以及以下原则:

  • Build trust and respect – These values form the basis of Trans Mountain’s engagement with Indigenous People.
  • 进行有意义的参与 - 确保参与过程全面,尊重土着人民的利益。
  • Address legal requirements – Carry out Trans Mountain’s legal requirements as a regulated company under the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) jurisdiction to engage with and mitigate, where necessary, where there are any Project impacts on the assertion of Indigenous rights and title governing traditional and cultural use of the land and marine environment.
  • Gather Indigenous perspectives –Build understanding regarding Indigenous rights and asserted rights, and identify issues and concerns relating to those rights and the Project.
  • Assess Project impacts – Share information, identify and assess potential impacts, develop measures to avoid, manage or mitigate where necessary.
  • 达到理解 - 寻求理解或协议解决受项目影响的潜在侵犯土着权。
  • Provide benefits – Explore economic participation opportunities such as employment and workforce development, procurement and contracting, and the potential to consider various forms of commercial agreements.

We are committed to continued listening, learning and working with Indigenous People to ensure that knowledge and advice is fully considered and incorporated in the Project.


Since 2012, Trans Mountain conducted numerous environmental and engineering field studies for the Project. These programs occurred throughout Alberta and British Columbia and involved the work of various teams and disciplines. It was important for us to work in collaboration with Indigenous communities to ensure participation in studies located within their Traditional Territory. This important data enhanced our knowledge of the environment along the pipeline corridor and guided our Project planning.

betway体育下载反式山提供了相当大的金融一口port in the form of capacity funding to Indigenous communities interested in engaging and learning more about our Project. Capacity funding enables groups to conduct Traditional Land or Marine Use Studies and participate in Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies and other types of community-designed research.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies:这些研究涉及通过参与五个学科的潜在影响土着社区的传统知识的集合:植被,野生动物,水产物,考古学和湿地。传统的生态知识(TEK)研究纳入了环境和社会经济评估(ESA)的生物物理研究,用于评估项目对环境的潜在影响,并设计适当的缓解。我们认识到土着人民对土地的密切联系以及将相关Tek与ESA集成的重要性。TEK补充西方科学知识,并提供项目规划信息。

Traditional Land Use Studies:These studies occurred with potentially affected Indigenous communities based on interest, proximity and/or their assertion of traditional and cultural use of the land. Traditional Land Use (TLU) studies are undertaken on Crown land to provide information to determine the potential effects the Project may have on the identified TLU area and the ability of the users to maintain the current traditional use of the environment; results are used to guide Project planning.

传统海洋资源使用研究:这些研究发生在基于兴趣,接近和/或其对沿海和国际水域的传统和文化使用的兴趣和/或主张的潜在影响的土着海洋社区。将有额外的海运交通从项目中卸载产品。虽然海洋交通的监管和授权在CER的管辖范围内没有明确,但在Westridge海运码头和称为“betway体育下载浮标J“在Juan de Fuca海峡入口处,覆盖了国际成立的交通走廊。这个地理区域也被称为盐水,包括普胡诗群,胡安德·菲卡海峡和格鲁吉亚海峡。