Where we operate, our focus is safety and protection of the communities and environment. Extensive dialogue has taken place with landowners, neighbours, Indigenous Peoples, communities and other stakeholders and would continue throughout the construction and post-construction phases.


From the start of the survey to final cleanup, a particular parcel of land along the pipeline corridor would normally be disrupted for one to two months, however, seasonal changes, such as frozen soil conditions, could adjust the construction timeline. Construction at facility sites such as terminals and pump stations may take 12 months or more. Location-specific variables can impact construction. However, we make every effort to minimize impact to landowners and neighbours. Where there may be a potential public safety concern, restricted areas are established. Noise, dust, traffic, night lighting and other disturbances are limited to reduce the impact to the public and surrounding area.

项目建设活动将计划尽量减少干扰和影响to landowners and the community. We will use trenchless construction methods in select locations to minimize potential disruption or environmental impact. We are undertaking public awareness communications to notify local communities when, where and for how long construction and/or disturbances may take place.

We will also establish a社区联络和承包商联络在建设期间。联络人将提供沿线走廊的建筑相关信息,可供回答问题和地址与建筑相关的问题。



On June 18, 2019 the Government of Canadaapproved跨山区扩betway体育下载建项目。必威体育精装版app下载该项目受到影响156 conditionsenforced by the Canada Energy Regulator.


Urban Construction

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