Trans Mountain has loaded marine vessels with petroleum since 1956 without a single spill from tanker operations. The region’s robust marine safety regime is well managed, with important risk controls for all traffic and for oil tankers in particular.运输加拿大,加拿大海岸警卫队,Pacific Pilotage AuthorityandPort of Vancouverestablish, implement and monitor regulations and practices for oil tankers. Highly-trained and qualified pilots ensure tankers navigate our local waters safely. Tankers are held to strict internationally-accepted build, manning, maintenance and operating quality standards mandated by the International Maritime Organization and Canadian Shipping Act, and verified by Class Societies. Additionally,marine spill response plansensure quick action in the event of a spill. Trans Mountain has proposed additional risk controls and enhancements, which build on the current marine safety regime.

Some of these measures include:

  • 升起的油轮拔兵护送将扩大,以覆盖整个油轮通过格鲁吉亚海峡以及比赛岩石和12海里标记来协助导航
  • Pilot disembarkation will be extended to take place near Race Rocks further west than the pilot boarding station on Brotchie Ledge in Victoria (pilots have been trained to disembark by helicopter)
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness techniques will be applied that will require:
    • Laden油轮的飞行员和主人的安全呼叫
    • Pacific Pilotage管理局发出的行业通知
    • Tactical use of escort tug along shipping route
    • 划船安全参与和由太平洋Pilotage管理局领导的意识计划

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