Trans Mountain encourages its employees and contractors to be active members of their communities. We support our local communities through our community investment program, volunteerism and supporting local speaking opportunities.


Trans Mountain and the United Way have a partnership to help make the greatest impact. United Way is more than a funder, United Way brings people together to solve social issues and improve local lives in the communities we call home.





Trans Mountain’s Community Investment Program funds positive legacies in the communities where we live and work (from88必威包括Puget Sound,华盛顿和卡尔加里,艾伯塔省。)

Grants are available up to $5,000 CAD per organization each year and are designed to address the needs of the community across the following areas of focus:

Eligibility Criteria


  • 在加拿大,善于站立联邦注册慈善机构或其他合格组织在CRA准则中,在美国,有一个501(c)(3)个税收服务(不适用于公立学校)的指定。
  • Benefit a community or communities in proximity to the Trans Mountain pipeline and marine corridors. Consideration will be given to projects with a province-wide reach or projects that benefits multiple communities
  • 处于合理的金融状态(组织被要求提供财务报表,计划预算和其他财务信息,以支持其申请)

Grants will not be awarded to:

  • General fundraising campaign contributions
  • 正在进行的运营成本
  • 赞助
  • 资本支出
  • Projects that have already received funding from Trans Mountain in the current calendar year
  • 个人,基础或第三方
  • 减少赤字(例如债务或贷款)
  • Retroactive funding for any expenses incurred prior to grant approval
  • Religious activities or services
  • 取消实体作为注册慈善组织的政治活动CRA(Canada) or IRS (U.S.) policies
  • 专业表演者或客人艺术家的费用
  • 支持指定人或旅行或费用


Eligible organizations are invited to complete the application below. By submitting an application for a grant you will be accepting the terms and conditions described in the application.


1月1日 - 3月31日

April 1 – June 30

7月1日 - 9月30日

10月1日 - 12月31日